Our small micro-brewery includes a 4-barrel, all-grain system that brews 120 gallons in a batch. We make elegant, well-balanced beers that are intended to be savored. They are naturally carbonated and hand-crafted to express the delicate and wonderfully complex layers of flavors that are present in the hops and grains. Our beer is bottled in re-sealable, 750 ml. Champagne bottles so they can easily be taken to dinner or shared with friends. We offer three beers on tap in our Greenhouse Tasting Room, which rotate regularly. They are available by the glass, carafe, tasting flight or growler. You can also purchase our beer online or contact us to join our beer club.

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In addition to being a world-class winemaker, co-owner Elaine St. Clair holds a degree in Fermentation Science from the University of California at Davis, with a focus in both winemaking and brewing. In the 1990’s, while still making wine, Elaine co-owned the nationally distributed, Napa Ale Works here in the Napa Valley. After successfully brewing and running an award-winning beer program for ten years, she returned to winemaking exclusively. But, lucky her love of brewing never died. With St. Clair Brown she is able to immerse herself in making beer for the personal satisfaction of simply making the best beer possible.
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